Sauna doors are made of 8 mm tempered glass. The door can be completed with different types of tinted glass: gray, bronze, as well as several types of decorative glass. It is possible to have a door with a chemically matte pattern. The sauna door box is made of glued hardwood. Hinges KS-6540, FL-48 of the company “Abloy” is specially used for sauna doors; Abloy locks “Abloy-4238”. The sauna door has a box seal-heat resistance silicone.


Door set:

  • Glass sash – tempered glass, 8 mm thick
  • Hardwood box, glued, without branches
  • Box seal (8 mm silicone rubber seal)
  • Abloy hinges
  • Abloy roller lock
  • Wooden handle (pine)
  • Decorative pins
  • Cardboard packaging